This week, I started this project in earnest. As exciting as it is to jump into this full force, it’s extremely uncomfortable. After a year of not making any films, I’ve gotten very accustomed to the commercial world again. Running a business requires it’s own focus and attention and making money is very good and very important. Without it, I couldn’t even dream of self-funding my work. Or, to quote Muhammed Ali, if I even dreamt about it I better wake up and apologize.

So I’m right back to where I was all those months ago, splitting the work embryo into fraternal twins. Making art and making commercials are definitely at variance but it’s incredibly difficult to just rip yourself out of the mindset required to tackle commissioned work and get into the mindset of making art. It’s truly like oil and water. Everything is different. Lifestyle, mindset, stability, sleep patterns, eating patterns, focus and priorities are all changed when you exit one of these realms and into the other.

After spending a good portion of the week remembering some of my own advice, I tried to apply it the best I can at this difficult starting point. I was reminded of my own personal reasons of why I even make films in the first place. This was key. I remembered to trust myself. I remembered to take risks. I remembered that art is not safe (this was also key). Commercials are safe. Art is not. I’m not fully there yet but I can’t wait to get to a place where I relish improvisation and simply DOING.

Also - and this might be a little corny - but I remembered to have fun. Fun is a key ingredient and is one of the main reasons why I put myself through the torture of making these films. I like to believe that if you aren’t having fun while making art, then you aren’t really making art. Even torture can be fun.

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The first thing I did this week was to aggregate all of my notes from the last few months and create a first rough order of films for the album. These ideas may not be the strongest ones in the end, but they are the most stubborn at the moment. Here’s an initial album order. I’m sure this will change 100 times by the time it’s complete:

The next few weeks will involve a lot more messy vomiting of ideas. Also, there will be a lot more activity on the King of Spades Instagram documenting this mess so feel free to follow along.

I’ve been listening to albums in their entirety while I work and have been sharing my favorites of the week in my IG stories. Any and all album recommendations are welcome so feel free to DM me yours.

Here are this week’s favorites. Click on any of the images below to listen to the album on Spotify:

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