I've decided to start up a new project and, although it's going to be a lot of work, I'm really excited to take it on.

The name of this project is THE KING OF SPADES.  Much like Area 52, THE KING OF SPADES will be another collection of short films.  Also like Area 52, the films will be experimental in nature and I want to explore new and radical directions with a plethora of materials.  Unlike AREA 52, I will definitely not be making 52 films, there are no constraints on time-length or the time I have to produce them, and the films will not be released one by one.


In cartomancy (that's card-reading), the king of spades is the most powerful card in the deck. The themes of the films will deal with things like authority, power, greed, control, patriarchy, slavery mechanisms, and the eternal struggle between the dominators and the dominated; all toxic components of modern life.

With THE KING OF SPADES, I'm setting out to create something more pointed and a more sophisticated than my prior work.  By making a slew of short films and releasing them all at once as a singular collection, it's very similar to the way a band releases an album.  In fact, there are many parallels to the music industry.

The idea is that you can watch the entire collection strung out as a feature-length film, roughly 40-45 minutes.  OR, you can just watch the "singles". The "singles" will live as both self-contained pieces, garnished with titles and credits, and also live as compartments of the feature-length film, sans titles and credits.


In my wildest imagination, I'd want to release this project as an actual packaged product, no different than buying an album.  The "liner notes" might be an actual book where you can look at pretty artwork and read about each film in sequential order.  For AREA 52, I wrote a blog each week to correspond to each film where I talked about the motivation for making each one, a short essay on the particular topic and a brief behind-the-scenes explanation.  So, the concept for the THE KING OF SPADES book companion is similar, but prettier.  And possibly more in-depth.

Here are some rough visualizations/inspirations:


Once the "album" drops, I might take it on tour like a traveling pop-up gallery/screening experience.

I don't know.  I have no money to make any of this happen and no idea how I'm going to pull it off.  But just announcing this in black and white is a great first step to making it real.

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