While listening to the song over and over, I started to develop this idea of life, death, and rebirth. The song’s chorus talks about a vast disconnect and lack of harmony between the mind and the soul. “My mind is a storm while my soul feels the drought” is the core lyric that speaks to this. The basis of the story was drawn more from the music itself. The beginning of the song almost sounds like a funeral is about to happen and the lyrics are in mourning for the person they used to be: “Where did you go to all of my promise?”, “Where did you come from all of my doubt?”


Artist: Ryan Chernin
Album: You Know Who You Are
Direction & Animation: John Morena
Production Co.: Spot On NY

"You Know Who You Are" is available at >>> ryanchernin.com
"The Drought" © Rye Chernin Music / Inhuman Records 2017