All Hands on Deck

Thanks to my friends at OpenEye Global, I had the opportunity to make this really cool animation for the entranceway to DSE 2016 in Las Vegas.  The idea was the show interaction from the perspective of the technology...from the inside looking out at the hands using the displays.  This animation spanned 18 HD televisions lined up in a row over the entrance.

Makin' It Rain in Vegas

I just did this cool thing for DSE 2016 in Las Vegas.  It's the Digital Signage of course, there is digital signage, experiences and displays EVERYWHERE!  Here's one I did for their VIP party.  I used this cube motif for their graphics package and when I was told we'd be doing a projected animation on the side of a 10 story building, I wanted to make it rain cubes and have them bounce on the ground.  Here are some images below: